Toor dal

At times u don’t want to have elaborate dinner, simple dal & rice solves the purpose. Here is my simple version of dal.

Servers:- 2 with rice


1) 1 cup cooked toor dal in pressure cooker

2) small opinion about 10

3) 2 medium tomatoo

3) Few Curry leaves

4) 2 green chillies

5) Lot of coriander leaves -washed & chopped

6) Mustard seeds

7) Cumin seeds

8) coriander powder

9) Salt to taste

10) 1 tsp of oil

11) 1/2 tsp turmeric powder


—Heat oil in a non-stick pan. Add Mustard seeds, after they have finished crackling add cumin seeds, turmeric powder,chopped green chilli.

—In a South Indian grocery story u would get these small onions, i have developed a recent liking for the same.Its v tedious job to clean these onions. In my case i hand it over to my husband, who does shows his irritation but manages cleaning them with his fav new channels.In case few you dont get these small onions you can subsitute with our regular chopped onions. Add onion & sauté it for few minutes.

—Add chopped tomatoes & fry till the tomatoes becomes sluggish

—Add the boiled dal

— For taste buds sake, add salt , coriander powder & little water

— Let this dal boil for 5 mins on slow flame

—Coriander leaves adds a lovely flavour to the dals,add the chopped coriander leaves & let the dal boil for 15 mins on slow flame.

Your yummy dal is ready to be served with rice.


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