French Doughnut toast

Unlike usually French toast which we make it at home, this one is more of sweet version and simple to its core.Of all the recipes that i have surfed  across i decided to try Nigella lawson’s recipe.Gosh her recipes are so simple and tasty. This is the 1st Nigella lawson recipe that i tried…..and boom it came out v v v well.

Here is what you need:-

1) 1 egg per a bread slice ( so if you are making for 4 bread use 4 egss)

2) 2 tsp vanilla extract

3) 1 slice of Bread (stale one is better)

4) 250 gms of caster sugar for dusting

5) 250gms of strawberry

6) 4 tsp of sugar for strawberry for sauce

7) dash of lime

8) 2 tsp milk

–Beat egg, milk and vanilla extract together . Spread it on a plate.

—-Cut the bread slices into two pieces. Soak the bread into the beaten egg.

—-Mean while the bread is soaked its prepare our sauce.Get you sauce ingredients

—-Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend it. Please ensure you don’t add any water as strawberry has a lot of water content by it self.You sauce is done.

—-Now turn the bread to other side.

—Toast the bread on a non-stick pan to golden brown. Deep the toasted bread into caster sugar and place it on a plate.Pour the strawberry sauce on top of it ans you are ready to go……..






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