I had already posted a 1st version of chole, but guess found a second one as well. This is the drawback of preparing food every day.You tend to think to do something different with the same ingredients. So here is how it goes:-


1) 1 cup overnight soaked  chole(chick peas)

2) 1 medium size chopped onion

3) 2 medium size tomato

4) 1 tsp giner-garlic paste

5) 1/2 tsp turmeric powder

6) 1 & 1/2 tsp chole masala

7) 1 tsp salt

8) 1/4 tsp green dried fenugreek seeds

9) 1 Bay leaf

10) 1/2 cumin seeds

11) 1 tsp oil


—-Boil the soked chickpeas along with a 1tsp chole masala and 1 bay leaf. Adding the chole masala while boiling flavours the chickpeas. You don’t have to boil a lot later to give the bland boiled chickpeas the flavour.Boiling the soaked chickpeas along the chole masala does the trick and gives the bland chole a nice flavour.

—-In a non-stick pan, heat 1 tsp oil.Add cumin seeds, once the cumin seeds brown add the chopped onions and let them brown.Once they turn brown add tomato’s and ginger-garlic paste along with turmeric.Fry till oil separates from the onion and tomato mixture.

—-Let the mixture cool and grind it to smooth paste. Again, heat oil in a non-stick pan.Add the  tomato -onion paste  along with the boiled chickpeas. Add the 1/2 tsp chickpeas, salt and let the mixture boil for 5 mins.

—Just when you are about to turn of the heat add the crushed fenugreek seeds and mix well.

Your chole are ready to be served along with either hot rice to puri.This version tastes better than the earlier one that I have tried.



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  1. Looks really nice and appetizing

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