Hi there,we(Pradnya & Srenuka) started this blog to let fellow-mates who are specially beginners to cook  well. I am a person who enjoys eating different cuisines, experiment with recipes but at the same time hate cooking. Still wish, If almighty could eliminate cooking from my life style—imagine that day–ha ha  what a relief….for me it would be dream come true…till than i have to manage with reality( or rather my cooking). Started cooking after marrg, that too cox mother & MIL are not around.I didn’t even knew how to cut egg for egg curies- can u beat that!!!!!!! I can… So u can imagine the effort it took for me to get things right. Man, it was like asking an engineer to do Heart surgery. I am born and brought up in Mumbai,been Maharashtrain–you would see more Marathi & Punjabi recipe. Srenuka is from AP, so more of south Indian dishes from her sides.Some how have slowly started getting things right….so check out the recipes & let us know your feedback/ suggestions on how to make cooking better.


One response to “About

  1. Hemant

    Congrats for the new exciting journey as blogger..
    nice website.. put some sweet dishes, deserts, chocolates.
    Sinful food is missing.. 🙂

    All the Best

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