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French Doughnut toast

Unlike usually French toast which we make it at home, this one is more of sweet version and simple to its core.Of all the recipes that i have surfed  across i decided to try Nigella lawson’s recipe.Gosh her recipes are so simple and tasty. This is the 1st Nigella lawson recipe that i tried…..and boom it came out v v v well.

Here is what you need:-

1) 1 egg per a bread slice ( so if you are making for 4 bread use 4 egss)

2) 2 tsp vanilla extract

3) 1 slice of Bread (stale one is better)

4) 250 gms of caster sugar for dusting

5) 250gms of strawberry

6) 4 tsp of sugar for strawberry for sauce

7) dash of lime

8) 2 tsp milk

–Beat egg, milk and vanilla extract together . Spread it on a plate.

—-Cut the bread slices into two pieces. Soak the bread into the beaten egg.

—-Mean while the bread is soaked its prepare our sauce.Get you sauce ingredients

—-Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend it. Please ensure you don’t add any water as strawberry has a lot of water content by it self.You sauce is done.

—-Now turn the bread to other side.

—Toast the bread on a non-stick pan to golden brown. Deep the toasted bread into caster sugar and place it on a plate.Pour the strawberry sauce on top of it ans you are ready to go……..






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Pesarattu (dosa) prepared with moong dal, is the signatory breakfast of our Andhra Pradesh in India. Done to golden perfection, sprinkled with chopped onions inside, served traditionally with coconut, ginger chutneys and sambhar, have 2 or 3 pesarattus for breakfast, you will be in a food induced delirious haze all day.


1) 1 cup whole green moong dal

2) 1/2 cup rice

Soak the green moon dal along with water overnight. Next day morning drain the water and grind to thick paste.While grinding add 1/2 stick of ginger, 4 to 5 green chilli and 1 tsp of salt.Grind it into fine paste or medium consistency.

3) 2 onions-finely chopped

4) Few cumin stands


Check the salt and chilli taste and adjust accordingly.Heat a cast iron flat pan, add 2 tsp of oil. The pan must be hot for pesarattu to come out in good shape. If you sprinkle water on the pan, it must sizzle.

Pour one ladle full of batter into the center of pan and spread it around in a circular fashion (from inside out) shaping the batter into a thin round.

Wait few seconds and sprinkle raw cumin and raw onion on top.Wait for few minutes untill the bottom gets golden, and than turn as shown.

First few attempts may not turn out good but don’t be discouraged. Try again. It takes time but once you get the hang of it, it’s really quite easy to prepare them, just like dosa.






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This basic egg omelette recipe is fast and easy to cook.within minutes you have a tasty light breakfast which is high in protein.

what you need:-

1) 4 eggs

2) 1 medium size tomato

3) 1 medium size onion

4) 2 green chilli

5) 1/2 tsp salt

6) 1/3 tsp pepper powder

7) oil



—-Break 2 eggs in a blow & beat it with a egg beater or a spatula. Its important you beat the egg without adding anything as it helps for yolk & egg white to mix.

—-Chop onion, tomato & green chilli. Add onion, tomato, green chilli & salt to egg and beat again.

—-Heat a omelette pan, melt a butter or add oil.Add the egg mix & let it spread across the pan.

—-Let it cook for few minutes than season the omelette with pepper powder & flip around. Fry from other side & serve.Repeat the same procedure for the remaining 2 eggs.


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Aloo Sandwich

What you need:-

1) 5 to 6 medium size boiled potatoes (Aloo)

2) 1 tsp coriander powder

3) 1/3 tsp turmeric powder

4) 1/3 red chilli powder

5) 1/2 tsp salt

6) 1/2 tsp cumin powder

7) Pudina chutney

8) 8 bread slice

9) butter

Serves:- 2

How to go about it:-

—-Peel the boiled potato & mash it. Add all the masala i.e coriander powder, cumin powder, red chilli powder,turmeric & salt. Mix well to foam to dough.

—-Place the bread slices on serving board, spread on one side of bread with pudina chutney. Place the aloo mixture evenly on the pudina chutney.Apply butter on the other slice of bread. Press firmly to ensure all the ingredients are sealed.


—Place these stuffed bread slices on the sandwich maker. Switch on the toaster & let it roast.

Server the sandwich with tomato ketchup for your breakfast

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Medu Vada

One of the most of delicious breakfast for south Indian people is Medu wada. The most tricky part of this dish is to get the shape, size and the centre hole of vada. You need little practice & patience to do this……..


1) 1 cup Urad dal, soaked 5 to 6 hours

2) 1/4 cup of coconut flakes

3) 1/2 tsp peper powder

4) 1/4 cup of curry leaves

5) 3 medium sized green chilli

6)  oil to deep fry

7) 1 tsp salt

Serves:- 2, makes almost 6 medium size vada

How to go about doing it

—-Grind the soaked Urad dal without/little water in a mixer/ grinder/blender.Beat this mixture with a hand- blender or egg beater for 3 to 4 minutes.This is v important as the blending action will incorporate air & make the vada lighter

—-Chop the coconut into vertical flakes like Julienne Coconut, green chilli, curry leaves. Mix these chopped ingredients with the urad dal dough along with salt.

—-Heat oil for deep frying. Take a separate bowl with water before frying.

How to go about frying the Vada:-

—-Wet your hand with water, take a tennis ball size dough in your hand.The dough can be comfortable placed in your palm.Poke in cneter with your tumb/Index  finger of other hand. I am more comfortable with Index finger. Drop this in the hot oil. Be very careful while dropping in oil as oil will spill out.Use your tumb to push the batter in oil.Keep on trying you will get the correct shape eventually.Forgive your self if you dont take the shape, what ever the shape is….enjoy the vada with sambhar.

I got the somewhat close to correct shape (still trying to improve) after 4 attempt.On my 3rd tempt, i got so excited to see a hole in the center of one vada that i ran to my husband to show him.His comment was,””I will need a microscope to see that hole””’ & one other time he even didn’t look at the vada (the vada had turned out like a mirchi bhaji) & said,””Its so perfect”’. So you know Husbands……..

P.S:- Test the batter by frying one vada,If vada doesn’t become fluffy and light from inside, add little water to the batter. Do not add much batter you will not be able to hold the vada in your palms.

Do not fry vada on low heat, the vada becomes v oily.

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BakedBeans with Bread

I have heard this proverb right from childhood, ”when in Rome, do as roman do”. Who doesn’t like to taste the staple food of the country you visit. Being in uk, i thought let me do as British people do their breakfast –Baked beans .This is easy  to cook, good for health and Less fat contents.You can use any canned baked beans but i prefer Heinz Beanz. The lentils are a good source of protein. So let’s get started with the recipe……


Preparation Time — 5 min

What We Need

Heinz Beanz — 200grm ( I prefer Heinz Beanz, who can choose what u like)

Bread — 8 pieces.

Butter n oil.

How To Make

There are two ways to make this recipe.

Option 1

–Heat a non-stick pan. Add 1 tsp of oil and then immediately add HeinzBeanz content and cook it for 2min.Keep it aside to cool. U need to cook it basically to remove the rawness.

–Roast your bread by applying  little(u can add generous amount–as i am little health conscious) butter and place one slice of bread on top of  it and roast it both sides properly.Repeat the same process for every slice..

Thats it!!!!!!!!!!! Our Delicious BakedBeans with bread is ready to serve..

Option 2

–The other way is transfer HeinzBeanz contents into a Microwave bowl & microwave it for 2min on medium heat.Toast Bread in Toaster and apply Butter then Serve.

The way you serve is

Place the bread on a dish, pour the beans on top of it or serve it on the side. Your healthy British breakfast is ready.You can also serve French Fries, half boiled tomato to go along with it.

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Vegetable Sandwich

Most simple & filling thing on this earth for breakfast. I can have sandwich at any-time with any ingredients.This one is the most simple and spicy too.

Servers:- 2


1) 8 Slices of Bread

2) 1 medium cucumber chopped  circular

3) 2 medium size of tomato chopped circular

4) 1 medium size onion chopped circular

5) 1 medium size boiled Potato again chopped circular

6) 1 tsp Chat masala

7) 1 tsp salt

8) 3 tsp melted butter

9) Pudina chutney ( Refer the link for recipe)


— Cut the edges of bread slices. Place two breads , apply generous amount of pudina(mint) Chutney on one bread.Melt the butter in a microwave for about 1/2 a minute. Apply this melted butter on the other bread.

—Place, Aloo(potato), onion, tomato, cucumber on the pudina applied bread. Sprinkle chat masala & salt on the vegetable.

–Place the butter applied bread on top & press firmly.So that the vegetables dont pop out in between the breads.

— Cut the sandwich in four parts so that its easy to chew them.

Your breakfast is ready

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