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Coriander rice




1) 1 cup chopped coriander leaves

2) 4 garlic stands

3)  3 to 4  green chilli

4) 1 bay leaf

5) few cumin seeds

6) 1/2 stick cinnamon

7) 1 tsp urad dal

8) 1 tso channa dal

9) whole 2 red chilli

10) 1 cup rice


Soak rice in water for about 2o mins.Wash the rice thoroughly until the water is crystal clear in which rice rests.Meanwhile take the blender, in goes the chopped coriander leaves, slit green chillies, garlic  and grind it….brummm….with minimum water, so that u get a think nice fine paste.

Heat oil in a non-stick pan, or a cooker in which you would be doing the rice. Once oil is heated add cumin seeds, bay leaf,red chilli. Fry till the cumin seeds turn little brown than add channa dal and sauté till it turns golden brown.Later add urad dal, salt and saute it.

Once urad dal turns brown add the coriander paster and fry for 2 to 3 mins or until water evaporates from the mixture.Than add the raw rice and let it fry for 4 mins without water. This process makes rice little crunchy.

Once the raw rice is coated with the green paste add the water required to cook the rice. I usually add 2 cups for 1 cup of raw rice. Cook until rice is done….you can serve this rice with a dash of lemon


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1) 1 Cup Boiled Rice

2) 1/2  Big onion

3) 3 chopped potato

4) Few beans strand

5) 1/2 cup green Peas

6) 1 bay leaves

7) 6 cloves

8) 2 Cardamoms

9) 1/2 stick cinnamom

10) 3 Star aniseeds

11) Few Mint Leaves (4 strands)

12) Green Chilli (1/2 chilli)

13) Cumin Seeds

14) Corinder powder


—Wash rice and boil it in Rice cooker or normal cooker. I prefer a rice cooker cox the rice becomes firm & separated from each other.

—Grind the mint leaves, green chilli, salt & little water together in a hand mixer or grinder.I have noted, the cutney spreads across the vegetable evenly than mint leaves chopped & added.

—Heat a non-stick pan, pour 2 tsp oil.Once the oil is heated add cumin seeds,bay leaf,cloves,cardamoms,cinnamon & aniseeds & fry for 2 mins.Add onions & saute it till it becomes transculent.

— Once the onion are done, add all the chopped veegtables(potato, green peas,chopeed beans). Add the green mint leaves chutney along with little water, so that the vegetables can cook.You will notice,all the vegetables will turn green once you add this mint chutney.


—Add salt, coriander powder & fry till the vegetables are cooked. Ensure there is no water left, now add the boiled rice to this cooked vegetable mixture. Mix the rice well & do the taste test.

Add salt as per required.

Your pulav is ready to be served with raita.

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