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5 must things for a beginner cooks in Kitchen

If you are anywhere near to be a tomboyish outlook in life or are 2 busy to cook or just started to cook(like me) you need few important things in your kitchen cupboard.I know they would sound too many to start with but trust me you would thank me for the advice later on.My capabilities in Kitchen ended applying butter to bread…..so u know my research about what you should have and my 1 year of cooking experience gives me the insight.Such a fancy statement!!!!!!!!.You can also take a trip to near by store, stroll around the kitchen section for the appliances and you would know what to buy.Fire was discovered and cooking closely followed to be known to man. With this discovery was the advent of different foods. They bloomed and paved the way to a more delicious human life. Menus are even cultural replica of different countries.

1. Pots and pans:-A must. Basic non-stick pots and sauce pans. U need to buy the best brand your pocket would afford, as low quality wouldn’t give the performance. Worst is they have horrible health effects.As a beginner we don’t know how to control the level of heat that needs to be provided for the food to get cooked, hence this is a must.Apart from health, you may burn out the food. Have to ever experienced the food u r cooking is burning out rather than cooking form inside.Its because of the pans.Non-stick pan intervenes at this cooking v/s burning by reducing the burning time of the food.Having said that if you keep your food for 1/2 hour, not only the food but the whole house would be burned.

2. Wooden stirrer and silicon spatula:- This would help to keep away the occasional heat burns that u get from a normal/steel Spatula. Its a must that these Spatula and wooden spoon are long handled.For a non-stick pans, wooden spatula helps in maintaining the non-stick coating, hence better life line for your pans.

3. Recipe Book:- Dont try to learn all the recipe in one go, it wont solve the purpose. Keep handy a recipe book which has some basic dishes that like to experiment.If not a recipe book than an online website/friend will also do.The good part is these recipe book/on-line website give away DO’S and DONT’S about making the recipe, which will help you in long run.

4. Miscellaneous equipment:-

* Good pair of Knife:- Its important you have assorted knifes which help cut different kind of vegetables and meats


*Bottle Opener:- If you can manage with a knife than you will fine

*Set of measuring cups

*A set of mixing blows

*Kitchen scissors

*Food scales to weigh

*Blender or magic bullet (what ever to call)

5.Spices :- Once you go through a recipe understand the spices needed. Buy these spices depending on the quantity you require for present and  further cooking.Example:-For indian cooking. black salt used while preparing chat is used in lesser quantity.So buy a smaller bag of indian salt. Bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves required for biryani is very minimal-hence restrict your quantity.In Chinese,we usually use a pinch of ajinomoto – dont buy a 1/2 kg of ajinomoto.Pepper extensively used to garnish our salads- you can buy a medium sized bag of pepper. So i guess by now you got my point.




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